Happy hump day!

There are lots of things in our lives that are frustrating and inexplicable.

Why is health insurance so expensive? 

Why do I rush every time I get to a difficult passage? How do I stop doing that?

Why are the milk containers at my corner grocery market so dirty?

I’m thinking about writing a book with answers to questions like these (well, the second one, at least). Though I have questions of my own, I think if I’m going to take the time to write a book, it ought to answer not just my questions but yours too.

So, what is your biggest frustration? What do you wish you had an answer to?

Is it something about practicing? Something about performing? Something about teaching? Something career-related?

Assuming that someone out in the world – a great artist, renowned teacher, recent audition winner, or sport psychologist – has an answer, what do you wish you could ask them?

Submit your question/frustration below in the comments.

UPDATE: Great questions! What I hope to do is find answers for these questions not just in the sport psych literature, but in the words of well-known musicians and teachers as well. I hadn’t planned on responding to the questions below, but am reading every one, and might toss in my 2 cents here and there if that’s ok.