Cracked Notes? Squirrely Intonation? Solution May Be Ease-ier Than You Think

Minimal effort
brings maximal performance.
What a paradox!
(Why the haiku? TMQ)

Musicians are often regarded as being a pretty hard-working lot – a reputation that I’d say is probably well-deserved. We often start at a very young age, spend lots of alone time practicing while others are out doing more enjoyable things, and are pretty good about putting in our hours on a consistent basis.

How to Become a More Confident Performer

How to Become a More Confident Performer

How confident a performer are you? Do you go into auditions or performances feeling certain that you are going to play your best – and do so from the very first note? Or do you grapple with doubt and anxiety (perhaps even days or weeks before), and have a tendency to begin your performance tentatively?

If you’re like most musicians, you probably fall in the second category more often than you’d like.