A Few Things Every Musician Ought to Know About Stage Fright

Think back to your last big audition or performance. What do you remember feeling, moments before you walked on stage?

Heart pounding in your chest? Butterflies in your stomach? Cold, clammy hands? Feeling light-headed, tight, weak, or shaky?

Perhaps you had trouble concentrating? Felt your mind racing? Doubts and fears popping into your head? A vague sense that something bad was going to happen? Kicking yourself for not practicing more?

Sound familiar?
Is It Just Me?
Well, you’re certainly not alone. In fact, you’re in good company.

Cracked Notes? Squirrely Intonation? Solution May Be Ease-ier Than You Think

Minimal effort
brings maximal performance.
What a paradox!
(Why the haiku? TMQ)

Musicians are often regarded as being a pretty hard-working lot – a reputation that I’d say is probably well-deserved. We often start at a very young age, spend lots of alone time practicing while others are out doing more enjoyable things, and are pretty good about putting in our hours on a consistent basis.

Don’t Read This if You Are a Perfectionist

Don’t Read This if You Are a Perfectionist

We all know that music is not an exercise in technical perfection, and that the goal is not just to play more in tune and more “perfectly” than the next person, but it’s reeeally hard to let go of that desire for note-perfect performances — especially in auditions and competitions.

But get this. Paradoxically, one of the key ingredients to performance/audition success (and a “perfect” performance) is letting go of this fixation on perfection.

What? That sounds backwards.

It does sound a little counterintuitive, but it turns out that perfection is an illusion.

How to Avoid Psyching Yourself out the Night Before an Audition

How to Avoid Psyching Yourself out the Night Before an Audition

It’s the night before an important audition, and Andrew is already feeling the nerves. He tries to tell himself that he’s ready, but all he can think of is the last audition he took, and how he crashed and burned after making a mistake on the easiest piece on his list.