Confidence Isn’t What You Might Think It Is

Confidence isn't what you might think it is

Most often, the stories we hear about confidence are the ones where the athlete (or musician) was certain that success would be theirs. Where they went to the Olympics (or the big audition for principal trombone) absolutely convinced that they were going to win.

That kind of confidence is nice, and it can definitely be an asset in tough high-pressure situations.

Eliminate Tentative Playing (and Get Yourself a Date Too?)

Eliminate tentative playing (and maybe get a date too?)

When was the last time you asked a complete stranger out on a date? Not just any stranger, but someone whom you thought was out of your league? What did it feel like to even consider the possibility of approaching this person and asking for their number?

If you’re like most, your heart would have been pumping like crazy, your blood pressure skyrocketing, sweat glands on overdrive, and your mind racing with fears of rejection or being embarrassed.

Did you go for it anyway?

Are Performers Born or Made?

are performers born or made?

Trick question! As far as I can tell, we are all natural performers.

Observe a young child. Pay attention to how uninhibited they are. Ever notice how freely they express themselves without fear of saying the wrong thing, or doing the wrong thing? Case in point, my four-year old can’t carry a tune, but hams it up like a rock star and actually asks me to capture his performances on video.

On the flip side, this same lack of inhibition sometimes leads to very loud and attention-grabbing public displays of displeasure when he doesn’t get his way.