What Do Sport Psychologists Really Mean When They Say “Focus on the Now”?

What Do Sport Psychologists Really Mean When They Say "Focus on the Now"?

Here’s something to try the next time you’re in a toy store and have access to an inquisitive 3-year old kid and some electrician’s tape. Tear off a big long piece of tape and use it to mark off a circle on the ground, about 3-feet in diameter. Put the toddler in the circle and see how long it takes for him or her to wander out of the circle.

5 seconds…maybe?

Ok, try to gently steer the little one back into the circle.

A Classic Test of Focus That Most Will Fail in the First 10 Seconds

One of the first things I typically do on an airplane is look for the SkyMall catalog. I’ve never actually purchased anything from the catalog, but it’s always fun to see what new cool overpriced and unnecessary (but still tempting) items might be out there. Sometimes I’ll even rip out a page and take it with me. After all, you never know when you might need a $120 portable reclining laptop desk, right?

This is probably how most people browse through catalogs. However, I once met a person who did the opposite.

Practicing with the TV for Laser-like Focus

Practicing with the TV for Laser-like Focus

The date is Saturday, February 23, 1991. Violinist Isaac Stern is in the midst of performing a Mozart concerto with the Israel Philharmonic, Zubin Mehta conducting, only to be interrupted by air raid sirens signaling a Scud missile attack.

The orchestra leaves the stage to put on protective gear; the audience remain in their seats wearing gas masks. Stern returns to the stage sans gas mask, and proceeds to play the Sarabande from Bach’s D minor Partita.

Most of us will never perform under conditions like this, but for a moment, just imagine.

Nine Sources of Frustration in the Practice Room

nine sources of frustration in the practice room

Have you ever finished a practice session and left the room wondering if you just wasted an hour of your life? Feeling that you put in the time, but are not sure what (if anything) you have to show for it?

One of the primary factors that can dictate how efficient and effective our practice sessions are is concentration (or the lack thereof).

Remember from this article that that the key to mastery is deliberate practice. And the key ingredient in deliberate practice is one’s ability to think clearly and purposefully.

What Beautiful Lawns and Practicing Have in Common

What Beautiful Lawns and Practicing Have in Common

I’ve been told that there are two basic strategies for cultivating a weed-free lawn. The obvious method is to go around with a bottle of weed killer and kill all the weeds you can find. Of course, what you get then is a bunch of dead brown spots with little patches of sad-looking grass filling in the gaps.

The other method involves working to encourage the grass to grow healthier, stronger, and thicker, which eventually will crowd out the weeds and leave less room for them to grow.