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Practice Hacks

Does it ever feel like in spite of all your hard work, you’re not progressing as rapidly as you should? Or perhaps you’ve hit a plateau and can’t find a way to get to the next level?

Don’t worry – it’s not a sign that you’ve reached the limits of your ability either. Not by a long shot.

The truth is that not all practice is created equal. Some approaches are much more effective than others.

It’s said that practice makes perfect, but if you feel like that hasn’t been happening lately, sign up for the FREE weekly newsletter to access the 20-page Practice Hacks PDF, and learn exactly what top performers do differently in the practice room.

the bulletproof musician - pressure proof

Pressure Proof

Have you ever been frustrated by inconsistency from one day to the next? Or from one performance to the next? Ever wonder why it’s so difficult to play on stage, like you do in the practice room when nobody’s watching?

If learning how to tweak your practice for more consistency, accuracy, and confidence in performance sounds like a fun project, sign up below for the FREE weekly newsletter, and access the subscriber-only Pressure Proof mini-course. Specifically, a 5-day practice challenge where we’ll dig into some of the specific reasons why we tend to regress a bit on stage – and explore three different ways of practicing that you may not yet be taking full advantage of.