Have you ever been frustrated by inconsistency from one day to the next? Or from one performance to the next? Ever wonder why it’s so difficult to play on stage, like you do in the practice room when nobody’s watching?​

If learning how to tweak your practice for more consistency, accuracy, and confidence in performance sounds like a fun project, become a Bulletproof subscriber below to access the ​Pressure Proof mini-course​. It’s a 5-day practice challenge, where we’ll dig into some of the specific reasons why we tend to regress a bit on stage – and explore three different ways of practicing that I think you’ll find to be valuable additions to your practice strategy toolbox.

Here’s what you can expect:

Day 1: “Balanced” practice, and why it’s so essential
Day 2: What expert practice looks like
Day 3: The sneaky reason why everything always sounds better the second time
Day 4: Why you MUST have a pre-performance routine
Day 5: How to “pressure-proof” your playing