Practice Hacks

8 strategies for practice that sticks

Does it ever feel like in spite of all your hard work, you’re not progressing as rapidly as you should? Or perhaps you’ve hit a plateau and can’t find a way to get to the next level?

It’s not just your imagination. And don’t worry – it’s not a sign that you’ve reached the limits of your ability either. Not by a long shot.

The truth is that not all practice is created equal. Some approaches are much more effective than others.

What the…?

This was the frustration I grappled with during my senior year of college. Despite doubling my practice time, I wasn’t playing all that much better, and remained just as nervous and inconsistent on stage.

Deep down, I knew I was missing something. But I hadn’t the foggiest idea what.

Research now tells us that practicing effectively is a skill. A skill that can be learned, which will not only help you learn faster and take your playing to a level that may have eluded you to this point – but can also make a huge difference in how confident and secure you feel on stage.

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