1-Week Practice Plans

Bite-sized drills & exercises to make every day a good practice day

Wait...what's this?

I started exploring yoga a couple years ago, thanks to a handy app that includes a series of 5-day programs, devoted to specific regions of the body. Like hip week, neck week, and so on.

Maybe I’m just weird this way, but I like being able to wake up in the morning, pull up the video for that day of the week, and just follow the program, instead of trying to figure out what specific stretches I should be selecting from the bazillions of YouTube videos out there.

I thought something like this might be helpful for musicians too. Like, 1-week practice challenges on building confidence, or enhancing focus, with daily step-by-step action prompts and worksheets.

So here are the first couple that I’ve put together. They’re available at pay-what-you-want pricing. Meaning, if you feel like $11 is a fair price, then $11 it is. Or if you feel like the challenge is worth $5.12, then it’s yours for $5.12.

Anyhow, I hope you like them. Happy experimenting!

Building Confidence

A series of daily exercises and worksheets to accompany the article A Mental Time Travel Technique That Could Reduce Anxiety and Enhance Performance, where you’ll learn three strategies for getting into a more confident headspace before high-pressure auditions and performances.

Pricing is “pay-what-you-want.”

Effective Practice

A series of daily exercises and worksheets to accompany the article How Many Hours a Day Should You Practice?, where you’ll learn several strategies for more efficient, effective practice that “sticks.”

Pricing is “pay-what-you-want.”