Online Courses

Learn how to practice more effectively and perform more like yourself - even under pressure.

Not fuzzy abstract theory, but concrete and actionable skills that can be applied to your playing today.

Learning that there were decades of research studies on how to practice, beat nerves, build confidence, and shush the relentless critic in my head was pretty transformative for me.

Of course, you don’t have to get a Ph.D. in psychology to develop these skills in your own playing. Whether you learn best on your own or through live group classes, there’s an option for you below.

Self-Paced Courses

Learn at your own pace, at a time and place that works best for you, with audio, video, worksheets, and step-by-step guidance.

Beyond Practicing

If you’ve ever wondered why there’s such a large gap between how you play in the practice room and how you sound on stage, this course may be for you.

You’ll learn evidence-based techniques for managing nerves more effectively, how to practice specifically for skill retrieval under pressure, build confidence, and get the voice in your head to shush when you’re on stage.

Now in its third edition, over 5000 musicians from advanced beginner to audition-winning professionals and university faculty, from age 12 to 70+, have used this mental “bulletproofing” course to learn how to play more optimally under pressure when it counts.

Practice That Sticks

If you’ve been puzzled (or 🤬) by how little of your work “sticks” from day to day, and feel like you should be seeing more tangible progress, this 60-minute course (which is included in the Beyond Practicing course above) will explain why, and teach you how to make this – and every day – a good practice day.

Live (Online) Workshops

Learn essential practice and performance skills alongside a cohort of other musicians and lifelong learners, as you attend live Zoom sessions, engage with your fellow group members, and work through a guided series of assignments from one week to the next.

Performance Psychology Essentials

In this live 5-week course, you’ll learn how to manage nerves more effectively, get into “the zone” more consistently, and become a more confident performer and effective practicer. Or in other words, develop a more positive relationship with both practicing and performing.

Couldn't find what you were looking for?

If the classes above don’t quite address the specific challenge that you’re looking to address, send me an email and let me know what you were hoping to find.

I might be able to recommend a different resource to explore. Or if one doesn’t exist, maybe I’ll be able to create it!

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