Why is 3:59.4 Such a Significant Number?

Have you ever wondered what you are capable of? What the upper limit of your potential actually is? How talented you might actually be? Here’s how to find out.

More Goal-setting Strategies That Work

More Goal-setting Strategies That Work

The importance of goal-setting cannot be understated. Yet very few of us actually do it, often because we aren't quite sure how to. If you found these helpful, here are a few more principles for effective goal-setting.

tting Strategies That Work

Goal-Setting Strategies That Work

Have you set clear written goals for your future and made plans to accomplish them? In a popular urban legend, this is the question that was posed to new graduates of the Harvard MBA program in 1979 (or Yale class of '53, depending on whom you ask). As the story goes, they found that: 84% had no specific goals 13% had goals, but not in writing 3% had clear written goals and plans to accomplish them Ten years later, the same individuals were interviewed again. The 13% who had set goals were…

Feeling Unmotivated? Get Unstuck with a Simple Question

Goals are an absolutely essential ingredient in any recipe for success. After all, if you don't have a destination in mind, you're not likely to get there by accident. Yet, goals in and of themselves, no matter how inspiring, are pretty passive things. We also need next actions.


The Secret of Highly Successful People

Quick, make a list of the most successful and accomplished people you know. Seriously, take a moment to think of 3-5 people you have had personal contact with who are well-established in their careers. Now, make a list of the most intelligent and talented folks you know. Are the two lists identical? I bet anything that they’re not. Weird, huh? Thing is, many of the most successful individuals in the world are not necessarily the smartest or most talented. This is good news because after all, we…