Lesson 4: Single-Tasking
(Phase 3)

Welcome to the fourth (and final) lesson! One’s mind can be pretty squirrelly at times, quickly shifting from one random thought to another. But when you’re able to devote all of your attention to the right thing at the right time, you become capable of a whole different level of performance – both on stage, and in the practice room too. So in today’s lesson, you’ll learn how to practice “flipping the switch” from practice mode to performance mode, and try out a simple strategy that will help you cultivate an even keener ear for detail, making sure your final performance is truly polished at the highest possible level.

One thing at a time

Homework: performance mode challenge & one-element-at-a-time exercise

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What’s next?

We hope you’ve found this series of video lessons to be helpful in refining your audition preparation system.

We’re taking a break from the live “Audition Bootcamp” sessions for the moment, but if you have any questions, feel free to send either of us an email.

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