Lesson 3: Effective Problem-Solving (Phase 2)

Welcome to Lesson 3!

Ever wonder why you can get something to sound pretty darn good at the end of practice, but struggle to play it at the same level at the beginning of the next day?

In today’s lesson, you’ll learn a couple strategies that will help you not only solve technical problems more efficiently, but ensure that they aren’t so easily forgotten.

Let’s do this!!

Solve problems…permanently!

Homework: the problem/solution exercise

PRINT THIS FIRST: Click here to download the Problem/Solution worksheet


What’s next?

The next lesson, titled Lesson 4: Single-Tasking (Phase 3), will arrive in your inbox two days from now. You’ll learn how to practice focusing on just one thing at a time – both in the practice room and on stage – and use your enhanced single-tasking abilities to add a higher level of refinement and polish to your performance.