How Making Mistakes Can Accelerate Learning

A few years ago, my wife and kids spent the better part of a year living abroad. So with a little extra time on my hands, I decided to take a page out of Indiana Jones’s playbook and embark on something of a quest…

…for the best nachos in my neighborhood. 😅

Yep. Every Saturday evening, over the span of a few months, I ordered nachos from a different place.

Chili nachos. Chicken ranchero nachos. Nachos texanos. Nachos el grande deluxe.

And every weekend, I was faced with a dilemma. Should I end my quest and settle for the nachos that I’ve enjoyed the most so far? Or should I continue to search for better nachos?

The Two Most Efficient (and Two Least Efficient) Memorization Strategies

The Two Most Efficient (and Two Least Efficient) Memorization Strategies

As much as I enjoy a tidy, nicely-made bed, actually making the darn thing every morning is one of those activities in life that often feels like a questionable use of time. I mean, it’s going to get unmade anyway the next evening, right?

Socks (or more accurately, their seeming proclivity for ditching their partners) are another time-sucking black hole in our lives.

Brian Alegant: On Putting Music Back Into MUSIC Theory

Brian Alegant: On the Difference Between MUSIC Theory and Music THEORY

Whether it was reading non-treble clefs, the circle of fifths, chord inversions, or the day my mom tried to explain time signatures to me with fractional apple slices, music theory is something I always struggled to grasp.

Something about it just never quite clicked. And it always felt like something to be endured, whether as a pre-college student, or eventually, as a music major in college. Because no matter where I went, theory class was always a required part of the curriculum. Which always made me wonder…WHY???? 🤬