Do Elite Performers “Zone Out” or “Zone In” for Optimal Performance?

Do elite performers zone out or zone in for optimal performance?

Have you ever been in front of a large group of people (without your instrument), and suddenly couldn’t figure out what to do with your hands?

In your pockets? Behind your back? On your hips? At your sides? Nothing feels particularly natural, once you start thinking about something you’ve never thought about.

The same thing can happen on stage too – and also with our thinking.

What do I think about while waiting off-stage? What about right before I play the first note, which is a tricky 10th in 5th position? The position of my thumb?

Dynamic Imagery: A More Effective Way to Do Mental Rehearsal?

Why Do We Have to Remain Still When Doing Mental Imagery?

When you think of mental imagery or visualization, do you think of a quiet, relaxed, meditative activity?

Or something more akin to playing air guitar?

Most studies of mental imagery go to great lengths to ensure that participants remain very still while engaging in visualization.