How to Intensify Your Focus and Be More Productive with the 52/17 Split

How to intensify your focus and be more productive in the practice room with the 52:17 split

Imagine that for the next two hours, your job is to stare at an unmarked clock face. No numbers, no lines, just a blank white circle. And that a single hand will tick from one position to the next, one tiny move at a time, except for an occasional larger jump – which you must make a note of by pressing a button.

Boost the Odds of Achieving Your Goals by Replacing This One Word

can't vs. don't - increase your chances of realizing your goals

I have no idea who coined the saying “sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me” – but I think they were mistaken.

Words totally do matter.

Imagine being in a relationship for instance, and saying the words “I love you” for the first time.

7 Things We Can Learn from Olympic Champions about Overcoming Rejection & Setbacks

7 things we can learn from olympic athletes about overcoming adversity

Whether it’s getting to the finals of three straight auditions (but coming up just short in each one), or receiving a letter from the school we have our heart set on (but discovering we’ve been rejected), we’ve all experienced crushing disappointments, setbacks, and adversity in our lives.

So when we see something like the ending of the recent England vs. Japan World Cup match, we can empathize with how awful that might feel (take a moment to watch the aftermath.