Why Tradition Isn’t Always What It’s Cracked up to Be

The Value of Eschewing Tradition and Going out on a Limb

Whether it’s a treasured family recipe for chocolate fudge or a technique for doing long division, our daily activities are peppered with traditions of one kind or another – customs or ways of doing things that have been passed on from one generation to the next.

We have a lot of musical traditions as well.

Are Today’s Artists More Uniform and Less Musically Adventurous than Those of Yesteryear?

Are Today's Artists More Uniform and Less Musically Adventurous than Those of Yesteryear?

Do you remember those not-so-long-ago times when soda came in glass bottles, drive-in-movies were still a thing, and tomatoes actually tasted like tomatoes?

Even though in most ways we are generally better off now than we used to be, it’s easy to look back and romanticize the “good old days.” Whether we call it declinism (bad) or nostalgia (not so bad), it’s pretty common to gripe about the state of things today, bemoaning the declining craftsmanship and build quality of our furniture, the dwindling number of doctors who make house calls, or  those NBA players who are all about flashy

Reward vs. Punishment – Which Results in Better Learning?

Reward vs. punishment - which leads to better learning? The answer is not what you think.

In the world of college and professional sports, some coaches are notorious for having a short fuse, and for utilizing what some would consider a punitive (or abusive) style of coaching.

Legendary Indiana University basketball coach Bobby Knight comes to mind, whose controversial dismissal in 2000 was in response to allegations of abusive behavior (such as the 1997 choking incident ).

The recent movie Whiplash  featured a similar figure (though fictitious, of course) – a teacher whom I’m guessing most of us would just as soon avoid if we could.

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