What Changes When a Student Selects Their Own Repertoire? (A Case Study)

I loved Alvin and the Chipmunks as a little kid. I thought their voices were awesome, and particularly liked their singing voices – the Christmas song was a favorite.

So when my mom tried to get me to take voice lessons (figuring it’d be good for my overall musical development), I agreed thinking I’d learn how to sing like the chipmunks did.

Naps vs. Coffee. Which Is a Better Choice for the Sleep-Deprived Musician?

coffee vs. sleep. which is better for the sleep-deprived musician?

Naps were a way of life for me in college (though it’s debatable whether a 4-hour “nap” still qualifies as such), and there are indications that napping is becoming a more culturally accepted practice as companies like Google, The Huffington Post, Zappos, and Nike are encouraging employees to nap instead of insisting that they try to simply power through the mental fog of a mid-day lull.

Indeed, the literature suggests that we can derive a whole range of benefits from sleep – from better focus and performance to happiness and apparently even greater attractiveness.

However, when we can’t get the sleep we need (and