The Learning-Performance Distinction and Why Gains in the Practice Room Don't Always Stick

The Learning-Performance Distinction and Why Gains in the Practice Room Don't Always Stick

You know those happy moments in the practice room where the stars and planets align, everything falls into place, and we sound pretty darn great? Where we feel like all is well in the world, and we walk out of the practice room with a spring in our step and smile on our face? But why is our awesomeness so temporary? Why does sounding great one day often fail to translate into sounding great the next day, or the next week, or in our next performance? Sure, there's our nervousness of course, but…

is this the key to reducing distractions and being more focused on stage and in the practice room?

How to Reduce Mind-Wandering and Be More Focused in Critical Situations

Take a moment to go wash your hands (yes, really). I'll tell you why in a minute, but either way it can't hurt - keyboards and smartphone are notoriously disgusting. So...when you were washing your hands, what were you thinking about? Were you paying attention to how nice the water felt as it washed over your skin, how the soap felt intriguingly slimy at first, but then gradually washed away into a refreshingly clean feeling, and how it felt to dry your hands off on a clean, dry, towel, and…

3 Comedians on Life and Career Success

I'm doing some early-summer traveling, and in the interest of recharging my batteries a wee bit, I thought it might be a good time to share a few of my favorite kinds of videos - comedians giving commencement addresses. A few laughs plus some wisdom and life advice tossed in? What could be better? Below are three of my favorites:

2 things musicians can learn from the marshmallow challenge

2 Things Musicians Can Learn from the Marshmallow Challenge

We have a pretty powerful obsession with being "right." Getting the “right” answer in math class. Having the “right” parenting philosophy. Knowing the “right” way to play a phrase. For instance, if you’ve ever been in a small ensemble, you can undoubtedly recall times when you’ve gotten into a heated argument about whether to play a note upbow or downbow, or how mezzo the mezzo forte should be (or, you may not even remember what the argument was about - but do remember how fired up you were).…