3 Comedians on Life and Career Success

I’m doing some early-summer traveling, and in the interest of recharging my batteries a wee bit, I thought it might be a good time to share a few of my favorite kinds of videos – comedians giving commencement addresses.

2 Things Musicians Can Learn from the Marshmallow Challenge

2 things musicians can learn from the marshmallow challenge

We have a pretty powerful obsession with being “right.”

Getting the “right” answer in math class.

Having the “right” parenting philosophy.

Knowing the “right” way to play a phrase.

For instance, if you’ve ever been in a small ensemble, you can undoubtedly recall times when you’ve gotten into a heated argument about whether to play a note upbow or downbow, or how mezzo the mezzo forte should be (or, you may not even remember what the argument was about – but do remember how fired up you were).

News shows have turned these “I’m right and you’re wrong” debates into