The Role of Emotions in Building an Audience

how to get an audience

Have you ever had the experience of walking out on stage, and seeing a hall packed with happy excited faces?

And perhaps also the experience of walking out on stage, and seeing only a smattering of live humans engulfed by a sea of empty seats?

Sure, playing to a full house can be a little nerve-wracking, but playing for an empty hall, after all the work you put into preparing for a performance?


Want to Perform Better Under Pressure? Why Autopilot May Not Be the Answer.

the problem with not thinking on stage

I visited Cambodia over the holidays, where my wife and kids have been spending the year.

The kids are starting to pick up the local language (super cute), and I found it really remarkable how un-self-conscious they were about trying new words and talking to people.

It seems like kids don’t worry if they are mispronouncing words, or using them incorrectly. Me, on the other hand, I’m much more sensitive to whether I’m saying things right.

Case in point, we went to a Japanese restaurant, and my kids asked what everyone was cheerfully shouting out as we left.