How to Compare Yourself to Others Without Getting Totally Depressed

I love the internet and am fascinated by how effortless it has become to stalk stay in touch with people and blackmail them get instant updates on what cool things they’re up to.

Of course, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the rest have also made it incredibly difficult to avoid comparing ourselves with everyone and their brother.

Melanie just won the Met job?!

Milo and Madison just got married?!

Michael’s quartet just performed with who?!


Why You May Want to Avoid Watching the News Before an Audition

Have you ever noticed that most of the stories on the news aren’t really news, but bad news?

No, it’s not just your imagination. They don’t say “If it bleeds, it leads” for no reason.

After all, if the news program’s primary goal is for us to tune in, it would make sense for them to skew their stories towards the negative.

How to Get Unstuck and Break Through Learning Plateaus

Part of becoming an artist, or a true pro, is cultivating an internal locus of evaluation – our own personal concept of what success, excellence, and beautiful art means. What it sounds like, looks like, feels like. That is, after all, the basis of our artistic DNA, and what gives us our unique voice.

But if we stick our heads in the sand too deep, we can run into a different problem.

Our learning stagnates. We get stuck on a plateau.

We’ve all been there.