Your Growth Edges (And How to Find Them)

Everyone who has ever played or watched tennis quickly learns how important the serve is. If you can’t get a serve in, you lose the point.

As a decidedly mediocre tennis hack, I’ve lost many a game because of an inability to get my serve in (though on the bright side, I will say that if you miss enough serves in a row and then actually get one in, you’ll often win the point simply because your opponent will be too surprised to react).

But here’s the tricky part about serving.

What Is the Most Effective Way to Warm Up for an Audition?

It’s been many years since I was in the market for a new violin or bow, but I still remember how self-conscious I’d be when playing in front of the shop owners.

Why so self-conscioius?

I was worried about being judged.

How would I compare to others who had tried this violin? What would the people in the store think of my playing?