Do You Have to Be a Jerk to Get Ahead?

You have probably heard the saying “nice guys finish last.” Quite possibly, you’ve experienced this yourself at some point in your life, where being “nice” and accommodating did not pay off.

Why is it that rude inconsiderate jerks seem to get ahead more than they ought to?

Are they onto something?

When power is good
Researchers have found that individuals who feel powerful behave in certain ways that tend to enhance success.

The Bad Habits We Unknowingly Develop On Stage

The Bad Habits We Unknowingly Develop On Stage

“Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”  ~Aristotle
We are usually pretty diligent about avoiding bad habits in the practice room. We know that if we slouch in the practice room, we’re probably going to slouch on stage.

Is It Good or Bad to Talk About Your Goals?

Is It Good or Bad to Talk About Your Goals?

Have you ever vowed to practice more? Told friends, teachers, or parents how you intended to practice more scales or do more slow practice this year?

Conventional wisdom suggests that stating your goals publicly is a good thing because it makes you accountable for your actions.

Five Best Metronome Apps

Picking the best metronome app can be a little difficult since the only way to test out an app is to buy it. Most only cost a few dollars, but that can add up pretty quickly given the number of apps that are available.

Earlier this week I asked which metronome apps you thought were the best, and you nominated 20 of your favorites. Based on the number of nominations I received, here are your top five:

Metronome Plus

Metronome Plus (iOS – $1.99) is a simple, elegant, and easy to use metronome app.

Best Metronome App? (nominations)

We know that slow practice is good for us. We also know that like it or not, the metronome is going to play a role in our slow work at some point or another.

And whether we love practicing with a metronome or hate it with a vengeance, we all own one. Heck, I have four, including my very first metronome – an old black box with a light on top that has to be plugged in (?!) to function.

Yet nowadays, smartphones are beginning to replace our Dr. Beats, Walkman cassette recorders, and chromatic tuners.