Are You Waiting for Permission?

are you waiting for permission?

Ever notice how kids are fond of asking questions? As in, can I have some ice cream? Can I go play in the water? Can I watch some TV? Can we buy a hamster?

We are conditioned to ask for permission from an early age by parents, schoolteachers, and pretty much everyone else.

Music is no exception. Sometimes it’s explicit, as when we ask our teacher if we can play a certain piece.

Is Slow Practice Really Necessary?

Like everyone else in the world who has ever taken music lessons, I’ve been urged to practice slowly on many an occasion.

But did I heed my teachers’ advice?


After all, what’s the point of slow practice? Everything is easier slower – of course you can play things more accurately at a slow tempo. What’s the big deal?

But…why do so many people swear by slow practice?

Slow practice in the martial arts
I began dabbling a bit in the martial arts when I went to college.

What to Practice When You Practice

what to practice when you practice

I recently came across a book by management consultant Peter Drucker titled The Effective Executive.

One of the chapters deals exclusively with time – specifically, the relationship between one’s effectiveness as an executive and one’s use of time.