Confidence isn't what you might think it is

Confidence Isn't What You Might Think It Is

Most often, the stories we hear about confidence are the ones where the athlete (or musician) was certain that success would be theirs. Where they went to the Olympics (or the big audition for principal trombone) absolutely convinced that they were going to win. That kind of confidence is nice, and it can definitely be an asset in tough high-pressure situations. But if you are having trouble finding the self-assured uber-confident hotshot within, don't stress out about it too much. Why not?

The Things We May Not Know We Know

I recently had the good fortune of hearing an Israeli conductor by the name of Itay Talgam give a talk on leadership. He has taken what he knows about leading from the podium, and uses conducting an orchestra as a metaphor to help spark new insights about leadership in the business executives and government officials he works with (ranging from the CEO of Chanel to the Mongolian Parliament). Watch the following TED video which provides a glimpse of his ideas.

How Good Do You Have to Be to Have a Successful Career?

There is, undoubtedly, a certain standard of excellence that must be upheld. A command of the mechanics of playing one's instrument. A deep and nuanced understanding of the vocabulary, grammar, and language of music. An appreciation of the point of it all. But in a day and age in which the level of technical musicianship is higher than it's ever been, what if we are reaching a point of diminishing returns? After all, how much more is a listener willing to pay for a performance that is 2.4%…