Yes Practice? No Practice? Why You Must Decide

Yes Practice? No Practice? Why You Must Decide

Make a decision
to practice or not. Commit,
and then just do it.
(Why the haiku? TMQ)

It’s reasonably easy to stick with a consistent practice routine during the parts of the year where a regular class or work schedule is there to keep us honest.

Enjoy a More Productive and Guilt-Free Holiday with the Unschedule

be more productive

Perhaps you remember being a child, and the excitement and anticipation of Christmas morning? For most kids, it’s hard enough to wait until your parents are awake to dive into the presents under the tree. And for many budding musicians, the wait is even more unbearable because not only do they have to wait until their parents are awake, but they also have to get in a good practice session before they can open presents. Or was it just me?

Anyhow, the holidays can be a tricky time for musicians, student and professional alike.

Ace Your Next Performance by Practicing Like a Tennis Pro

It has been estimated that a tennis player will run an average of 1.5 kilometers during every hour of match play. Some matches can go as long as 3 hours or more, so that’s a fair amount of running around.

At first glance it’d seem that tennis players would benefit from a lot of aerobic training to improve their ability to stay fresh deep into long matches.